20 May 2014



The members of the society are settled in far flung areas. Whilst Saints (Sadhu, Sadhvi, Saman and Samani) cover a large number of centres, still a lot of areas remain uncovered. This gap is filled by the trained UPASAKS, who travel to designated areas particularly during PARYUSHAN festival and conduct the... religious programmes for the benefit of the society.

The selected UPASHAK are required to undergo rigorous training and tests through Upasak Training Camp which JAIN SWATEMBER TERAPANTHI MAHASABHA organise every year under the auspicious guidance of Acharya Shri Mahashraman.

Upasak in Terapanth

Terapanth organisation is blessed by the spiritual guidance by yugpradhan acharya Sh. Mahapragya Ji. Here hundreds of Sadhu-Sadhvi, Saman-Samani are doing Sadhna. They go for chaturmas or travelling to different regions as per instructions of Acharaya Ji. But still the demand by the regions for chaturmas cannot be supplied.

Paryushan-Samvatsari is a great spiritual festival of Jainism. On this holy occasion devotee expect inspiration and guidance for performing Dharma. where ever Sadhu-Sadhvi are availaible on this moment, their guidance and support is taken. But regions where there are no Sadhu-Sadhvi, Saman-Samani or mumukshu behan there it was expected to nominate upasak (Trained Shravak-Shravika) to accomplish this task. To support somebody in spiritual practice is a task of self spiritual development and benevolence. As to eligibility preface of Upasak and for its regular survival a plan was designed. It is like this -

Who is Upasak ?

A trained shravak or shravika who could perform spiritual Discourses and Practices etc. to the people to the instructed place in Paryushan or other occasions. Upasak-mandal is group of upasaks.

The process to become an Upasak
One who has been trained in Upasak-shivir can only be defined as Upasak. This shivir is held for 9 days. Generally it is held during August-September . Place and time are informed whenever it is suitable.

The eligibility for entrance in Upasak-shivir
Generally a person can join this shivir in following conditions -
* One who is reverent to terapanth-organization.
* One who believes in Sanyam and simplicity.
* One who is generally hard-working and healthy.
* One who has the ability of oratory or such potential.
* Who could generally devote 2-3 weeks time for instructed work at any place.
* One who is not more than 65 years old or he must already trained.
* One who has atleast by-heart 25 bol and kaalu tatva shatak।

Thanx for Upashak Sri Munish Jain