31 January 2010

Truth through awareness : Acharya Mahaprajna

Laid up with flu, I was lying on the ground. It was a small house in a small village with open skies. My mind wandered absolutely free and unfettered. Right in front of me was a tree. Everything shone bright in the mid-day sun. I first looked at the tree and then at the sky. The former had a minuscule existence against the latter. The sky is limitless, both spatially and temporally. But in terms of time the tree too is limitless. Not even an atom of the tree can ever be destroyed. It is bound by the philosophical principle that says: Anything existent in the present was so in the past and will be in future too. Anything non-existent in the past can never be either now or in the future. The sky and the tree have absolutely no idea of their being or not being and yet their existence is unhindered and limitless. If every single atom that exists will forever be, then how can I doubt my own existence. When an atom cannot defy the universal principle of everlasting existence, how can I be an exception? A little more thinking made me wonder why it is that man alone should doubt his existence. He has a more developed consciousness than that of a tree and, therefore, entertains doubts about his existence. Furthermore, his consciousness is not as developed as that of a yogi and, therefore, he cannot understand his infiniteness. From both angles, he is a loser.Some truths in this world are palpable, others are subtle, and yet others are abstract and intangible. I can apply palpable and subtle means to know the first two types but I have no means of knowing that abstract and the impalpable truths. I can see a mango, taste it, smell it, and touch it simply because it is a palpable reality. In the case of an atom, none of my senses can perceive it, only a microscope can reveal its existence. On the other hand, there is no microscope through which an abstract truth can be perceived, and existence is such an abstract and impalpable truth. If my existence was no part of me, I would have resorted to its description in words that people who claim to have apprehended their existence have used.The senses, the mind, the intellect, language, etc are all means of indirect experience, whereas knowing results is direct experience. Since none of the means of indirect experience are of any avail when it comes to knowing, I despair researching on my own existence. Objective truth can be experienced only through medium-neutral awareness.

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