23 July 2011

Kelwa – The Land of 13 chronicle of Tera panth

"TERA PANTH" was Founded by Acharya Bhikshu in Vikram Sambat 1817 i.e. June 28th of 1760 (Saturday) at KELWA (a small town in Udaipur District of Rajasthan State).In 1817 The first Chaturmas of First "TERA PANTH“ Acharya was completed at Kelwa.
Firstly Swami Bhikam Ji and four monks taken “Bhav Diksha” in 1817 at Kelwa.
Acharya Bhikshu completed 6 Chaturmas at kelwa in 1817-21-25-38-49-58.
Second Acharya Vharimal completed two Chaturmas in 1864-78 at kelwa.
In the History of Tera Panth firstly in the midnight MuniShree Vardhman Ji taken Diksha under Acharya Vharimal in 1870 at kelwa.
The first Landocrat Bhakt named “Thakur Mokham singh” Ji was from kelwa in tera panth.
The first Writer of Terapanth was Shree Shobraj Kothari from kelwa.
Kelwa – The Land of 13 chronicle of Tera panth
In the History of Terapanth first time two youth acharya was nominated. Acharya Vharimal has nominated munishree Khetsi and munishree Raichand in his succession letter which was written at kelwa.
Acharya Tulsi has granted Diksha to Current Sadhvi Pramukha “ Shree Kanak prabha Ji” at kelwa.
At kelwa 15 Sadhuvrand and 15 Sadhvivrandh total 30 Diksha has completed till date.
The Grand ceremony of “Dham Jagran “ celebrated in Ashad Purnima from last Seventeen years at kelwa.
Under the guidance of Acharya Tulsi the first program of Mantra Diksha was started at kelwa.
On 8-9 June 2004 under the guidance of Acharya shree Maha pragya ji 3 Diksha was Completed in front of group of 25000 people at kelwa.

How To Reach Kelva Acharya Mahasraman Ji Chaturmashik Place

By Bus – Nearest Bus Depot Nathdwara or Kankroli (All Luxury and Govt Buses are available)Distance – From Nathdwara to Kelwa is approximately 1 HourBy Train – From Falna approximately 2-3 HRS by Car From Mavli Junction approximately 1 Hour by Car By Air – From Udaipur airport (approximately 2-3 HRS)Udaipur is well connected to all metro city of IndiaBy Car – Form Falna or Mavali (2-2.5 HRS)