06 June 2009


Hunger is a reality. When it is trampled by the wealthy people it poses a danger. In fact wealthy class of people is trying to underplay this reality and thus it is becoming more dangerous. If naxalites are using their weapons to create terror amongst the community, it is a sign of danger. On the contrary, if it is a signal to awake those who are denying the reality of hunger, then it should not be taken as a danger.
Leftist ideology and Naxalisam are spreading rapidly. It is a cause of concern for many.
The irony is however is that the people who should worry are interested in furthering display of their wealth and consumerism, thereby playing hides and seek with the facts.
I do not wish to dwell at length the various problems. I want to emphasis that those who consider the Naxalisam as a danger of direct violence are in fact ignorant of indirect violence perpetrated in the back ground of Naxalisam, which is again a danger to our economy and society.
The differences between the rich and poor are considerably widened. While on the one hand there is an abject poverty where majority of the population is deprived of even a meal a day, on the other hand there is a display of wealth and consumerism by the wealthy, leading to provocation.
Agriculture is the backbone of India’s development. If a farmer is compelled to commit suicide under the fear of heavy debt, it would imply that the very foundation is shaken.
The farmers of Punjab have also taken cue along with those of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra in resorting to suicidal acts.
It is seen that the violence in the form of many facets is emerging in family life and in society at large. Violence breeds crime. Let us admit that alcoholism is a major vice in perpetrating most of the crimes. It is a major source of revenue for the Government. Total prohibition seems to be a distant dream. These factors have contributed for the mushrooming growth of liquor shops, just as any other store. Despite the resistance put forth by the masses the Government is apathetic to the reality.
During our course of Ahimsa Yatra in villages and towns of Punjab we have our self observed that men folks move in inebriated condition. The women folks and the children struggle with the domestic problems. Let us all admit that the Government would never be in a position to change the vices of drinking. It can however take stern measures to impose prohibition.
There was a time when persons from the various walks of life have made concerted efforts to resolve the issues and provide directives in bringing changes in the society.
However in the present situation the decision taking authority is vested with the
Government who manages at the top level. It is not clear as how far the persons at the helm of affairs are in a position to contemplate on the problems which has plagued the society. Notwithstanding if the people at the helm of the affairs share the views of educationist, sociologist, economist, psychologist, writer, journalist and scientist in bringing reforms in society, I am confident, it can certainly pave the way in right direction to establish healthy management of the society. Infact efforts are not as per the expectations. It is expected that we contemplate the problem consentaneously.
I take this privilege of enclosing a short note on naxalite problem authored by His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahapragya which he has prepared during his Ahimsa Yatra spread over last five years. I shall be very grateful if you kindly peruse the same and write us your observations on the problem.

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