05 July 2009


A city caught fire and all the residents vacated the city, whereas a blind man and a lame man could not leave the city. The blind man thought: “Alas, if I could see; I can escape. But, blind as I am, I cannot escape.” The lame man reflected: “Alas ! I cannot walk at all. How can I run away to save myself ?”
The fire was spreading with leaps and bounds and was approaching the place where the blind man and the lame man lived. The lame man was struck with an idea. He said: “Oh blind friend, you are quite robust, you can lift me on your shoulders. And, I will point the way out for both of us to escape. The fire is approaching fast and there is no alternative left for us to save ourselves.”
The blind man welcomed the proposal. He picked up the lame man and both of them with mutual assistance left the city and saved their lives.
Here the blind man can be compared to a man without the right knowledge while the lame man as a man without practicing religious rites. As neither the blind nor the lame man, alone, could get out of the city, similarly, right knowledge or religious rites, alone, cannot rescue the man from this worldly ocean. When both right knowledge and religious rites, jointly operate, one can escape from the cycle birth and death in this world.

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